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Psychedelic experiences are sometimes long, most times complex, and nearly always life-changing. You may be unsure of what to expect from your upcoming psychedelic experience and wondering how to prepare for it. If you’re interested in being an active participant in your experience and not just someone the trip is happening to, a psychedelic genetic test is the way to start. The first step in preparing for your experience is understanding that the journey begins well before the trip, and the lessons don’t end until well after. 

Why Are You Using Psychedelics?

This is the most important question you can ask yourself as you start preparing for your psychedelic journey. We all have different reasons for choosing to have a psychedelic experience, but it’s important that you get to the bottom of yours.


First, ask yourself if you’re doing psychedelics responsibly. Is your reason driven by a desire to learn, grow, or heal? Or is your choice based on a desire to escape?

The reason behind your psychedelic journey could be to simply have an enjoyable experience and connect with this planet and the people on it, and that’s okay. Recreational psychedelic use can certainly produce a profound and beautiful experience, but it can also end up being a distraction. Understanding your true intentions and needs will help determine the difference. 

Your initial recreational experiences lead to those that were more intentional over time. We often find that someone may start dabbling in the psychedelic world for fun, but the power of these substances ends up causing a shift in the individual. This may encourage them to explore psychedelic substances for all of their healing and transformative power—not just for a fun weekend activity. 

Image by Vlad Bagacian

What do you hope to get out of the experience?

Once you have an idea of why you’re embarking on a psychedelic journey, you can start to pinpoint the specific things you want to get out of the experience. This will be related to your reasons for choosing a psychedelic experience but will require you to dig even deeper. 

This will be your intention, which will serve as the backbone or anchor in not only the rest of your preparation but also during the experience itself. If/when times get tough, your intention will help you endure any discomfort.  

You’ll want to be crystal clear on your intention, and the more specific, the better. This may be anything from seeking relief from a certain mental illness to wanting to get to know your emotions better, and even working through past trauma. 

Take some time to journal your intention(s). Yes, get them down physically so that they live somewhere other than in your head—whether on the notes on your phone, in your journal, or even on a scrap piece of paper that you’ll have with you during the experience. 

It’s alright to have more than one intention, but we’d recommend keeping it between one and three. You don’t want to end up feeling like you need to resolve all of your life problems in one session. The psychedelic healing process is a long one. 

Image by Clay Banks

What type of experience will be best for you?

Now we can get into the fun stuff—determining what type of experience is best suited to your needs and identifying any restraints that stand in your way. You’ll find that there are several different ways to consume psychedelics. You’ll likely have access to at least one or more of the options we’ll get you started on your journey with a psychedelic DNA test. 

Image by Mantas Hesthaven
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